Solar Collector & Panels In Sydney

Reliable solar power installed by Sydney Plumbers making your home or business more energy efficient and cost productive.

Why do you Need Solar Collector & Panels?

Solar Panels not only save on your electricity bills, but they can make you energy independent as you make your own power through the sun’s rays but it can also save you money as you can set up the panels to send the power you generate back to the power grid and get $$$ off your power bills !! The solar panels require very little maintenance apart from a clean once or twice a year and routine maintenance checks.

Solar Collectors are not utilizing solar power to create electricity, but to heat up thermal systems. In this case, the fluid inside the collector is getting warm, and then it delivers heat while being circulated. Depending on where you live and how you use water, solar collectors are worth it. They will save you lots of dollars on your electricity bill annually. Industries that need hot water consistently can install solar collectors to heat their water. They are affordable and have a long lifespan to enable users to earn back their investment in a few years.

Why do you Need Solar Collector & Panels?
Solar Collector & Panels In Sydney

Problems You May Face

Solar Panels:

* Electrical issues

Wiring issues prevents your solar panels from performing at their best. Loose connections, corrosion, and oxidation may interfere with electricity production. Regular maintenance checks will help avoid this.

* Birds

Birds can wreak havoc on solar systems. They can nest beneath the panels and keep the system from doing its job properly. Regular roof checks will help to maintain your panels & if you notice birds gathering on your roof, consider bird roofing solutions like spikes, mesh wire, and more.

* Inverter problems

Solar panels use an inverter to convert direct current from the sun to alternative current that you now use in your home. The inverter is like a box that is usually installed in the upper floor. Most solar panels can last up to 20 years, but inverters aren’t quite that durable. Solar users report having to change their inverters an average of every 10 to 15 years.

Solar Collectors

* The solar collector does not work efficiently in cold weather. The water in the collector will be frozen, thereby affecting the velocity of heat transmission. In cold weather, it takes longer for solar collectors to heat water to a desired temperature, and it is more expensive as well.

* Not as versatile as solar PV panels.

They can’t produce enough electricity to cover the needs of most homes, even in sunny areas.

* Not easy to clean or maintain.

The collector must be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep it working at its best. Some collectors may have tiny holes or cracks in them which can collect lots of dirt, dust and debris that could affect the efficiency of the solar heating system and cause it to malfunction.

* Best only for water heating.

Solar collectors are not as good for heating up water. While they don’t produce a lot of electricity, their heat output is too low to be able to boil water.

Solutions We Provide

APT Plumbers can assist in the maintenance of your solar panels & hot water. They can provide annual checks to ensure that your Solar Connector is working correctly and if needed make repairs should an issue occur. They will also be able to check the panel plumbing is in good condition and that all wires and connectors are in good condition.

Why Choose APT Plumbing

APT Plumbing is a family-owned business that prides itself on providing high quality plumbing work throughout the Sydney area. We guarantee our workmanship 100%, and all our plumbers are licensed, genuine tradesmen who understand the complexities of plumbing. We work closely with you to ensure that the job is completed on time and without any unexpected difficulties.


Are solar collectors more efficient than solar panels?

Solar collectors need more maintenance work because the water (and its pH value) can wear out the system. If you would only use solar energy to heat up your properties, then go with solar collectors. But if you would like to reduce your electricity bills and use solar power on a wider scale, then you need solar panels.

How much electricity will I generate with solar panels?

The amount of electricity that you generate depends on the size of your system, which way it is facing, whether there is any shading from trees or other buildings and the local climatic conditions. One of our APT Plumbing specialists can provide an indication of the average generation a Solar Energy System will provide on your home or business.

Will my solar collector work as well in winter as it will in summer months?

One drawback of solar energy is that it relies on the sun, electricity cannot be generated during the night, requiring you to either store excess energy made during the day, or connect to an alternate power source such as the local utility grid. Sydney Plumbers can explain this to you and more.