Bathroom Water Leak Problem
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What Can Be Done To Fix A Bathroom Water Leak Problem?

By APT Plumbing Admin on 21 Nov 2022

What Needs To Be Done To Sort Out Water Leaks

What can you do to resolve the water leak issue in the bathroom? Bathroom water leaks are frustrating and need urgent attention. There is no need to search for a leaking pipe repair plumber, APT Plumbing has experienced plumbers available 24/7 who can perform a bathroom water leak inspection to see where the leak is coming from. Is it from the shower or a different area?

If it’s coming from the shower, then you may be able to fix it yourself by replacing the showerhead or by tightening the connections. If the leak is from a different area such as a toilet or sink, don’t waste time searching for water leak detection Sydney, APT plumbing can help to find what needs repairing.

Identifying the source of the water leak

If you have a leak at home the sooner, you find it the better. You can call APT Plumbing; we are an experienced water leak detection services that will come and inspect the room and ascertain where the leak is coming from. If you see water stains on walls or ceilings, then that’s your indicator that the leak is coming from that area. You may also hear water running when there are no taps on, this is an indicator that you have a leak and with a little luck you may be able to find it and isolate the bathroom water as soon as APT Plumbing expert can come to repair the leak.

 Determine the leak and get it repaired.

Water leaks can be frustrating and costly if they are left for any amount of time. There most likely is an issue with the drain or pipe system. Leaking pipe repairs need a plumber to assess the leak and repair it before mould sets in and you are replacing additional things like plaster and tiles.

The calking could be causing an issue around the shower. If you see cracks or peeling, you should have a Bathroom water leak inspection completed by expert plumber to check there is no underlying issue behind the walls that you can’t see causing an issue for you.

Leaking taps or shower headsare, frustrating yes, but don’t let this be the thing you leave for too long. Not only is it costing you dollars in water, but the washer may need replacing or the packing nut tightened. This is something that can be done in a short amount of time and when fixed early can save you money in the long term.

Notice a leak? Call a plumber ASAP!

Leaking pipe repairs are best done sooner than later. Call a plumber who can get to the leak quickly and fix the issue and avoid further damage.

A leaking toilet, sink, or other plumbing fixture can be a nightmare to repair especially if not properly done, call APT Plumbing if you are unsure exactly where your leak is coming from.

Always check the whole bathroom regularly for additional potential issues with leaks.

When cleaning the bathroom, we recommend you check for leaks or potential issues such as:

• Toilet repairs: check the valves and the flushing mechanism. If your cistern isn’t working correctly or you have water continuously running, then there is an issue that needs repairing.
• Shower repairs: Check the calking around the shower and bathtub. Cracks and gaps can have water seep thru and cause damage it is best to have a bathroom water leak inspection performed by plumber.
• Floor repairs: Checking floors for holes, cracks or warped wooden panels will indicate if you have water damage and it can additionally create a slip hazard. If you have uneven cracked tiles this can be a warning that the flooring has issues and needs your attention in case there is a leak.
• Sink repairs: Regularly check for leaks, dripping taps, or any indication there is water seepage.
• Leaky sink wastewater and if not repaired can cause major damage to the flooring or structure of your house.

The sooner you catch the leak the less damage will occur, and everything can be rectified before you have a serious problem on your hands.

APT Plumbing is available for most areas in Sydney, when you need urgent attention simply call and speak to one of our plumbers who will come out to assess the issue and then repair it or have it replaced for you. We have all specialist plumber who are ready to help your plumbing issue

Keep watch on leaks moving forward and where possible, take preventative measures

If you have had a serious water leak in the past then you will most likely want to check your plumbing and plumbing fixtures regularly and inspect the area for any potential problems such as water outside the shower that may have leaked while in use. We can provide annual inspection services for you, to ensure your plumbing is in good working order.

Any of our qualified plumbers at APT Plumbing can also provide additional professional advice on how to stop leakage as well as advice on how you can avoid it occurring on a regular basis.

Tips to use your bathroom safely without leaking issues.

Check all seals around the shower, toilet & sinks. Make sure there are no gaps, and the seal is tight. If there appears to be an issue, then call a leaking pipe repair service like APT Plumbing to make all necessary repairs.

If leaks occur from under sinks or in walls call a plumber urgently to make the repairs. If left too long, you may end up replacing the entire pipe and that can lead to costly outcomes.

Water leaks that are left too long can result in additional issues including mould or mildew and can leave you with long term health issues as well as leaky pipes.

There are many potential ways water can cause issues in the home and if you suspect something is not right and you have a plumbing issue then you should contact APT Plumbing to get onto finding the source of the leak immediately.