Sump Plug Plumbing Services in Sydney

Prevents flooding, essential in buildings, fitted by experienced Sydney Plumbers.

Have the reassurance that your home or business will be protected in flooding or after storms with a sump pump that is designed to assist in eliminating moisture and prevent flooding.

Why you Need a Sump Pump set up by a Plumber in Sydney?

A sump pump is a device that eliminates moisture and prevents flooding in a business or home. The Pump is usually stored in a specially constructed pit in the main surface of the floor of a building, a sump pump collects excess water from drains and pumps it out of the pit and away from the house or business. The level of groundwater and the soil type in your property will determine whether you need one or not. APT Plumbers will be able to give you advice after they assess the area to determine of you require one.

Why you Need a Sump Pump set up by a Plumber in Sydney?
Sump Plug Plumbing Services in Sydney

Problems You May Face

* Excessive Heat - Electric pumps generate a lot of heat on their own, depending on design and use. Excessive heat is by far the most common reason pumps fail. In fact, the main reason for the other four failures on this list is because they all generate excessive heat.

* Humidity and Moisture- Moisture and humidity in the air can wreak havoc on your electric motor, especially over time. By themselves, they can cause corrosion inside the motor. If moisture is mixed with particles, which ultimately causes damage to the motor. This shortens the shelf life of any electric motor or pump.

* Switch Problem - One of the most common causes of a malfunctioning sump pump is a stuck or faulty switch. Most sump pumps turn on either through a pressure sensor or a float activator.

*Pump Burn Out - An overworked pump can easily burn out if you won’t reduce the load. A sump pump typically turns on only when needed, however, in case of a failure or during floods or heavy rains it might be working constantly. If that is the case, chances are great that the pump will eventually burn out.

* Clogged Sump Pump - If your sump pit isn’t covered with a lid, chances are high that dirt will quickly accumulate in it and clog your system. If you think that your sump pump is clogged, unplug the device and check the openings to see if something is blocking the inlet, remove it. Alternatively call a Sydney Plumber who will come out to you and inspect the pump and advise what needs to be done to get things working again.

* Failure Due to Old Age - Depending on the quality and age of your sump pump, over time, different parts (including the motor) of your pump are worn out and can stop working properly. A Sydney plumbing expert sometimes can do repairs, however, if your sump pump is more than 10 years old, it’s likely that you’re better off replacing your old device with a new one.

Solutions We Provide

Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring your sump pump will function properly in the event of heavy rainfall. APT Plumbing recommends that all homeowners and businesses test their sump pump between heavy storms to make sure it’s working correctly. If you are unsure or need assistance, then our Sydney Plumbers can come out and assist you.

Our Sydney Plumbers will inspect the pump by removing the cover and pouring water int the basin to check and see if the pump engages. A functioning sump pump will automatically engage, drain the basin, and then disengage. If we identify any issues while testing the pump, we will advise you of the repairs that are necessary to get things working again.

Irregular cycling and strange noises or vibration are also indicators that sump pump repair may be required. Sump pumps generally only last around 7 years, and this shelf life could be reduced even further if the device is used infrequently. If you haven’t replaced your sump pump in the last 10 years, or your pump experiences recurring issues, you may need a sump pump replacement.

Why Choose APT Plumbing

APT Plumbing is a family-owned business that prides itself on providing high quality plumbing work throughout the Sydney area. We guarantee our workmanship 100%, and all our plumbers are licensed, genuine tradesmen who understand the complexities of plumbing. We work closely with you to ensure that the job is completed on time and without any unexpected difficulties.


What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is an automatic dewatering pump that usually sits in a sump pit or basin located in the lower level of a business or home. Water collects around and below the foundation of a home, the sump pump removes the collecting water to keep your home dry and safe. The water level is detected by a float switch that is connected to the pump, telling it when to turn on and off based on the height of the water in the basin.

Can I use a sump pump for a waterfall, pond or garden water?

No. Sump pumps are designed to run intermittently, not continuously. Running it nonstop may cause the pump to overheat and fail as a result. Additionally, most sump pumps are oil-filled and could cause harm to fish in ponds and plants in your garden or ponds.

How long does a sump pump last?

The life of a sump pump will depend on how frequently it runs. Most sump pumps will last 3-5 years. Some may last longer.

Which material is the best?

The best material is plastic, stainless steel or non-corrosive alloy like zinc. Since the sump pump is typically submerged in water, it is best to avoid corrosive materials like cast iron.

Can I use a sump pump with an extension cord?

We strongly recommend that you do NOT use an extension cord. It is better to plug the pump into a dedicated outlet that is fed by a circuit breaker or fuse that feeds power only to that outlet. This ensures that the pump will receive proper voltage. If there is no outlet near the sump pit, we recommend you have one installed by a professional electrician.

Will my pump work if the power is out?

No. Most sump pumps require electrical power to operate. There are devices like Pentair Battery Backup Unit which will operate a secondary pump using battery power. This is helpful for homes that frequently lose power or have high water.