Steam Trap Plumbing in Sydney

Dependable, reliable steam traps installed by experienced Sydney Plumbers.

Ensuring you have top working products allows production to work at its highest capacity in the home or workplace.

Why You Need a Steam Trap Plumber in Sydney?

The main purpose of a steam trap is to discharge condensate, air and other incondensable gases from a steam system while not permitting the escape of live steam. The need for steam traps, considerations surrounding their operation, basic modes of operation can all be explained by a APT Plumber. A steam trap is needed at the end of a pipe run (end of main) to help drain the system for safe and effective operation. Mechanical steam traps operate by gravity. Specifically, the difference between the water and steam causes a stainless steel float ball to rise and sink within the trap, which opens and closes the valve.

Steam traps are used across industries such as chemicals, food & beverages, oil & petrochemicals, pulp & paper, and pharmaceuticals.

Why You Need a Steam Trap Plumber in Sydney?
Steam Trap Plumbing in Sydney

Problems You May Face

* Dirt – by far the leading cause of failure resulting in either a leaking or plugged trap.

* Pressure surges (due to sudden steam valve openings, improper piping, or trap misapplications) resulting in water-hammer and subsequent damage to the internal steam trap components.

* Quality of the feed water plays an important part in the life of steam systems.

* Dissolved gases like carbon dioxide can turn the condensate acidic and cause corrosion of steam traps.

Solutions We Provide

Regular maintenance of the steam trap by the owner and by a reliable plumber from APT Plumbing will keep your Steam Trap in top working order. Always schedule a maintenance inspection. Our inspections include checks for leaks, condition of all belts and pulleys and we can replace these if they appear worn. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils ensure the y are working in full capacity. Lubricating motors, checking drain lines and pans are also essential in ensuring the longevity of your Steam Trap.

Why Choose APT Plumbing

APT Plumbing is a family-owned business that prides itself on providing high quality plumbing work throughout the Sydney area. We guarantee our workmanship 100%, and all our plumbers are licensed, genuine tradesmen who understand the complexities of plumbing. We work closely with you to ensure that the job is completed on time and without any unexpected difficulties.


Is it OK to insulate steam traps?

Some types of steam traps rely on fluctuations in temperature, so those types of traps must not be insulated. Mechanical types (float and bucket) may be insulated without any problem. Thermostatic types will not operate properly if insulated. For thermodynamic types, insulating measures should be limited to rainproofing

How do I maintain my steam traps?

APT Plumbing recommends that steam traps have a simple annual check to ensure optimum performance by one of our Sydney Plumbers.

Why are steam traps reliable?

The steam traps have no moving parts to wear or fail and are machined from solid pieces of high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel.

How do I achieve good quality steam?

The quantity, pressure and temperature of steam. The correct quantity of steam must be available for any heating process to ensure that sufficient heat flow is provided for heat transfer. The correct flowrate avoids product spoilage.