Insulation in Plumbing throughout Sydney

Insulation in plumbing pipes throughout Sydney.

Thermal insulation has the benefit of preventing pipes from freezing and reducing the loss of heat through the piping system.

Why do you need insulation in plumbing?

During winter or cooler weather, the cold surface of your pipes creates condensation as warmer air comes into contact with it. Over time, this can cause water damage to your home or business. By covering your cold pipes, pipe insulation creates a barrier between pipe and air, which eliminates sweating. Proper insulation around pipes limits heat transfer and provides a vapor barrier against moisture, this improves the thermal efficiency of your home or business and saves you money. Poorly insulated pipes allow water to condense, which leaves pipes susceptible to standing water that can freeze in cold weather.

Why do you need insulation in plumbing?
Insulation in Plumbing throughout Sydney

Problems You May Face

* If you don't insulate your pipes, you risk keeping your hot water becoming warm in winter and let it run cold in summer. Even though you may have a hot water service, improper insulation means that pipes may be exposed to condensation, which can cause plumbing corrosion and can lead to leaks throughout your home or business.

You may have moisture leaking into your ceiling or walls causing mould and mildew. This can cause allergic reactions, respiratory illness and costly damage to your property.

*You could face the added expense of replacing any damaged property or medical expenses resulting from health problems caused by mould and mildew as a result of not having your pipes correctly insulated.

* Controls Noise and Vibrations in your pipes that can make disturbing noises in your walls.

Solutions We Provide

An experienced APT Plumber will come out to your home or business and assess what needs to be done to insulate your piping.

* PE foam insulation will prevent pipes from freezing and keep hot pipes hot and cold pipes cold. It is recommended if you are not confident to get a Sydney Plumber in to supply and install it for you.

* Pipes can be fitted with foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves to help decrease the chances of freezing. This can be an easy solution for pipes that are exposed but can get expensive if walls, floors, or ceilings have to be opened in order to properly insulate the pipe.

Why Choose APT Plumbing

APT Plumbing is a family-owned business that prides itself on providing high quality plumbing work throughout the Sydney area. We guarantee our workmanship 100%, and all our plumbers are licensed, genuine tradesmen who understand the complexities of plumbing. We work closely with you to ensure that the job is completed on time and without any unexpected difficulties.


Why should I insulate my pipes?

Noisy pipes prove to be distracting or irritating after a while – especially if your bedroom or office is next to a series of pipes. Pipe liners are made of spongy foam, which muffles unwanted sound. While getting your pipes and fixtures replaced entirely is obviously the ideal solution, it’s also considerably more expensive. If redoing your entire plumbing looks like it’s too far out of your price range, insulation offers an affordable solution.

Preventing your pipes from sweating?

By covering your cold pipes, pipe insulation creates a barrier between pipe and air, which eliminates sweating. When we talk about pipe sweating, we’re talking about condensation building up on the outer surface of your pipes. When warm, humid air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as water pipes that are not insulated, the moisture within attaches itself to the cold surface, taking the form of tiny water droplets. This can result in mould on your plaster surrounding your pipes.

Is pipe insulation necessary?

Insulating your hot water pipes reduces heat loss and can raise water temperature allowing you to lower your water temperature setting. You also won't have to wait as long for hot water when you turn on a tap or showerhead, which helps conserve water.

How do I know the amount of insulation needed?

To determine the amount of insulation needed, start by measuring the height and length of each of your room walls. A Sydney Plumber can do this for you.