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What Happens When A Stormwater Drain Is Blocked, And What Can I Do About It?

By APT Plumbing Admin on 28 Nov 2022

What is “Stormwater”?

Stormwater is the rainwater that falls onto a property and travels, usually via gutters, downpipes, or other channels, such as curbed streets, to drains and eventually sewers.

The stormwater drain is designed to transport large volumes of rainwater away from the home back into waterways. Washing or sweeping litter leaf debris or rubbish may cause blocked stormwater drains to clog and become blocked again.

What Does Your Stormwater Drain Look Like?

Blocked stormwater drains are specifically designed to process large volumes of water away from your property. Most homeowners will not notice an issue until a large storm of heavy torrential rain occurs and the system becomes completely blocked. When this occurs, you will need. APT Plumbing can provide you with all the Drains Plumbing Services 24/7 to get the water flowing freely again.

Blocked Storm Water Drain Case Studies

Blocked drains from trees can be a major issue, especially in older housing estates where big, tall Gum or Ficus trees are lining surrounding the properties. These roots feed madly through pipe systems.

The Work
With regular drain and pipe maintenance, including the use of a high pressure jetting hose and drain clearing you can be actively maintaining the plumbing lines to allow water to free flow through the system. CCTV camera inspections provide you with an extensive report and quite often can offer a permanent solution.

In order to ensure you do not have the same issue return it is essential to remove certain trees permanently. Ask the local councils if you can remove the tree and, in some cases, you need permission. Once this is granted removing the tree is one thing but making sure all the feeder roots are also gone is essential otherwise the tree may regrow and in time you may have the same issue return. APT Plumbing is one of the best drain unblockers in Sydney has on call 24/7 and is able to assist you in unblocking stormwater to return things back to normal for you.

How Do You Fix A Blocked Stormwater Drain?

Our Qualified plumber will use a CCTV sewer camera to check the stormwater pipes and drain to see exactly what is causing the problem. They will also use an actual drain snake (that looks like a snake) to see what is blocking the pipe. Once they know what is wrong, they can make the necessary stormwater pipe repair for you.APT Plumbing is the one works like so and can solve all your plumbing issue.

What Type Of Equipment Do We Use?

CCTV cameras check and inspect the stormwater drains, then we use our high pressure jetting hose to clean the pipes and the drains out. The camera also allows drain unblockers to check for any damage within the pipes as the roots of a tree can cause serious damage and root feeders are the most common reason for blocked stormwater drains.

If any pipes in the stormwater drain need repairing, we have all the tools needed to make the storm water repairs. We are also experienced in CCTV drain inspections and CCTV camera surveys which allow our customers to see what is happening in the drains on-site. We can use this information to help you talk to the council about tree removal.

Is A Blocked Stormwater Drain An Emergency?

Yes, this is considered an emergency as the water flows to the waterways and can affect waterways, marine life, and public health. The mixes of chemicals and debris will contaminate the water and have huge ramifications. If you have a blocked drain, you can call APT Plumbing in Sydney as soon as possible so we can unblock your drain today.