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The Guide To Finding The Right Type Of Plumbing Fixtures And Fittings

By APT Plumbing Admin on 19 Nov 2022

Plumbing fixtures come in many shapes and sizes. Plumbing fixtures include toilets, taps, water heaters, baths & sinks. These are all made in several different materials including brass, stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain, granite, plastic, wood, concrete & marble.

When you are choosing fixtures, it is important to remember a few things such as how often guests will use the facility, such as a bathroom, toilet, laundry etc., how much time & money you want to invest in your installation, what type of water pressure is available at your property, what type of water supply you have.

The best way to select the correct bathroom fixtures for your needs is by taking the time to think about their use. Are you looking for practical or modern and new? You so not want to spend too much money unnecessarily or the wrong products.

Types Of Plumbing Fixtures

Pipe Joint
Joint pipes are used to join two pieces of pip together. There are many kinds of Pipe Joints, some are:

Closed Nipple
The most common type of joint known as a union. Made of metal and has a thread at both ends. Make it easy to connect the two pipes.

Male-Female Type
Commonly known as a union pipe. Male & Female unions are similar. They differ in terms of size, the male being larger than the female.

Isolation Valve
The isolation valve is usually inserted into a drain line. The valve prevents sewer gas entering the home if there is ever an issue with your sewerage system. This is different from a venting valve.

Venting valves open to release trapped air inside the pipes. Isolation valves only open when there is an issue in the drainage system. You may notice smells from the toilet after a while due to the presence of a leaking pipe. If this happens you need to call APT Plumbing your reliable bathroom plumbing services immediately.

Taps/Flush Tops
There are two kinds of taps you can install in your bathroom, they are:

• Single Handle Taps
• Double Handles Taps

Single Leaver Taps
Handles are convenient as you don’t need both hands to turn them on. You can also control the flow and temperature.


You generally have sinks in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. Expert plumbers in their field will guide you in where to place these and make suggestions like using a bowl rather than a sink in places like bathrooms. They will also suggest the size of sinks you need depending on what you are using them for.


No need for looking for Shower Waterproofing in Sydney as APT Plumbing knows it’s essential to have a practical working shower in the home. They will assist you in choosing the kind that is best suited to your needs like a standalone or a tub/shower combo.

If you choose the tub style you may also need a watertight tap and tub spout.

Always make sure you check reviews especially if you notice you need a bathroom waterproofing repair. You should make sure they have experience in these repairs should you have an older home as it may be a big job depending on how old the bathroom is and how large the repair turns out to be.


Bathtubs are extremely useful as they provide a lot of space. If you are a lover of stretching out or laying in a bath, specialized plumbers will guide you on the maximum size bath you can fit into the bathroom to enjoy and relax in.


Toilets vary in size and shape. You may have trouble choosing this alone, so we suggest you get advice on choosing one that fits in the space you have created to have it installed in.

Vanity Cabinets

These are a vital part of every bathroom. Used for storing wet and dry products you need to make sure they can accommodate the fitting of a sink and still allow you a practical space to work with.

Garbage Disposal Units

These are not essential. You need to remember you cannot dispose of grease or oil down these units, so consideration needs to be given to see if you require one.

Cleaning Clogs

The best way to prevent clogging is to ensure you have a new sieve over the drain. This will allow you to remove foreign bodies like hair or food scraps before they get into the pipes and cause a nightmare for you and the plumber that needs to unclog it! APT Plumbing can help get your clogged drains cleared but prevention is better than a clogged pipe.


Pipes are considered by plumbers as bathroom furniture! Without it, you don’t have a working bathroom! Pipes are made from plastic or metal materials. To make sure your pipes are safe you should ensure the expert plumbers apply rubber caps to protect the ends of the pipes.

The Best Way To Fix A Leaky Pipe

Leaks occur when there’s an issue like corrosion inside it. Some common leaks are:
Improper installation of a pipe system
Incorrect flushing habits
Overflowing toilets
Corrosive chemicals used
Poor drainage
Severe weather conditions
Faulty valve

Water Heater Repair Cost

Water heaters are essential for heating water in the home. Water heaters come in three different styles. Electric heaters, gas furnaces, and oil tanks. Each one does different things and as a result, are all unique. When choosing a water heater, you can speak to APT Plumbing, they provide bathroom plumbing services for advice on the best heating for your home. Electrics are more expensive than gas due to cost and oil tanks are the least efficient as they work by burning fuel.

Always have skilled install the heating for you, and should you notice the heater breaks down it is recommended you contact them to repair the system should it leak due to a broken pipe or need to have its filter cleaned.

Plumbing Services

You can choose a company like APT Plumbing that specialises in homes and are experienced in larger projects, make sure you look for feedback on:

Licensing & Insurance.

Check if the company has licensed plumbers and liability insurance. This protects you should tradesmen get injured on the job. The most important thing is to ensure the area is safe for the bathroom water repairs or plumber to work in.

What To Look For When Hiring A Plumber

Ask friends or neighbours, even local area, look on social pages, as to if they have any expert plumbers to recommend to you.

Check online reviews. These can be very useful when choosing a plumber. Customers tell of their thoughts and experiences of the plumber and can help you make decisions on choosing someone for the specific job you have.

Get referrals, and ask people that have hired a plumber their thoughts. Check with friends and family on their experiences and thoughts.

Look at their credentials. Check license numbers, background checks, and the year the business was established.

Once you have chosen an expert plumber, thoroughly read the contract, if unsure ask questions. Do not sign anything until you understand the agreement. Make sure the quote includes all costs including labour costs, material costs, and disposal costs.

When hiring a bathroom plumbing service, APT Plumbing recommends you get several quotes. If you like one, try and negotiate to cost. The same plumber may be a lot more expensive for the exact same job and a great expert plumber but they may be prepared to discuss and negotiate a fair price.