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The Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

By APT Plumbing Admin on 30 Dec 2022

The old traditional way of replacing sewerage lines was to dig a massive trench that was an ugly mess and quite costly to the homeowner.

Considering homeowners are legally obligated to maintain their sewerage pipes, any gardens, paths, or other structures built over them will also require replacement.

Luckily in recent years, trenchless options have become available. This means there is no digging up yards or causing damage to anything in the garden. Trenchless sewerage line maintenance and replacement has become the preferred method as it means no digging trenches, gardens, parks and uprooting trees.

Some of the benefits of trenchless pipe bursting are:

Saves Time
When it comes to plumbing issues, repairing or replacing your sewer lines is usually costly. APT Plumbing provides sewer line repair services in Sydney and will ensure the repairs are done in the shortest possible time (usually just one day, depending on the extent of the job) additionally will make sure it fits around you. Trenchless techniques need less time for excavation which means you will soon be back in working condition.

For plumbing issues, APT Plumbing is a recommended pipe bursting contractor that services the Sydney area. Repairing or replacing a home’s sewer line is typically extremely costly. Trenchless sewer and pipe repairs involve less time when done this way. Additionally, this method means your landscaping is avoided and cutting down on the overall repair costs as you do not have to worry about replacing plants in the garden.

The benefit of trenchless pipe bursting is not having to dig up harmful substances like mould and asbestos that can be exposed after being buried underground for many years. These can be toxic to the person digging trenches and can pose serious health issues. Therefore, you are not putting yourself or others in danger as the ground isn’t being dug up. The trenchless method also reduces noise and dust pollution in the atmosphere. When plumbing pipes burst due to stress or bad design, they can create large amounts of noise and dust pollution.

Environmentally Friendly
Most of your utility lines – gas, sewerage, water etc, are typically buried underground and connected via a plumbing system channel. When you repair pipes, not having to dig removes the possibility of damaging your sewer lines and spilling hazardous material or worse untreated sewerage into the area that needs plumbing. The biggest benefit of trenchless pipe bursting is that it is environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly trenchless pipe bursts can make use of the natural process of soil to help repair your sewerage pipes. Utilizing the soil’s natural course is preferable since less pollution is emitted into the region around it.

Landscape Preservation
Sewer pipes in many homes are buried well under garden beds. Your backyard can be ruined and costly to replace when your sewerage lines need to be dug up. Your landscaping damage is minimalised by using the trenchless method as usually only one to two small holes are required to be dug up to access your sewerage lines during a trenchless repair. APT Plumbing are a trusted burst pipe repair service that is available throughout the Sydney area. They are on call 24/7 as there is never an ideal time to have your sewerage system clogged up.

Repairs that Are Long Lasting
Trenchless sewerage repairs are a long-lasting method, and this is because the pipe is being fixed in a less dramatically, meaning less damage to the pipeline, trench, and landscape. Long-term sustainable options include the option of installing cured-in-place liners and the option of using seamless PVC pipes. PVC pipe has the advantage of not rusting or corroding because it is made of plastic. It additionally has the benefit of an extensively long-life expectancy of more than a century!

Higher Efficiency
In addition to lasting longer and reducing future maintenance frequency, trenchless sewerage repairs also improve the functionality of the underground sewerage system. The flow capacity of your system may be significantly impacted by the fact that all new piping constructed utilising the trenchless technology might be greater than the old pipe system.

APT Plumbing is a reputable plumbing service provider that is extensively experienced in performing trenchless pipe bursting as an option at your premises. Their experienced plumbers will come and advise on the best possible solution for your plumbing issues and suggest possibilities that fit in with your budget. To fully understand how long you will be without water, they will give a time estimate of how long the repair will take.

APT Plumbing is an Australian owned, family ran business that services an extensive range of plumbing services throughout the Sydney area. Call them today for assistance. Remember, while there is never an ideal time for your plumbing to have issues, they are on call for emergency plumbing 24/7.