Plumbing Red Flags That You Should Never Ignore
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Plumbing Red Flags That You Should Never Ignore

By APT Plumbing Admin on 27 Nov 2022

Like many things, you will begin to see warning signs when it is time to replace your tap. The signs are not always easy to spot, but you should be able to detect them easily within the first year of use. If the following issues occur with your plumbing, there is no need to worry about looking for a professional plumbing Sydney as you can call APT Plumbing direct for any plumbing help anytime they are available 24/7.

Small Plumbing Warning Signs That Should Not Be Ignored

Spikes In Water Bills
When you notice a large jump in bills but there have been no changes in your water usage, then it is time to ask questions. You may have a burst pipe, appliance malfunction or even a leaky tap. Contact best Sydney plumbing solutions that can assist you in determining if you have a problem and how it can be solved.

Slow Drainage
Like reduced water pressure, slow drainage is another warning sign with your plumbing. There are many reasons that cause slow drainage, but it could also mean that your toilet is clogged, or you have an obstruction on the lines. When your drains run slowly, they may backup in the main trap of the sewer line.

If you experience a backup and pluming expert who cannot clean out the snags, they may need to replace the main line pipe in order to restore the proper functioning of the drain line.

A Leaky Toilet
Ever heard the constant running of water in a toilet? It could be a big trigger of why your bill has gone up in cost. APT Plumbing has years of experience in residential plumbing services and can be called to come and inspect the issue and if needed make the necessary repairs as soon as possible to have your toilet working again.

Reduced Water Pressure
A sudden loss of water pressure could be an indication of the main break. Every home has a set amount of water pressure that is maintained within the piping system. If you are experiencing low pressure, then you can call experts like APT Plumbing for the best service in Sydney, to inspect the line and fix it right away. With their help, they will come, check and indicate the issue and make any necessary repairs.

Blocked drain
A blocked drain is frustrating, and you may think it doesn’t need attention urgently if it eventually drains away but ask the pipefitter and they will suggest you get the drain unclogged immediately before the issue escalates. The blockage could indicate a problem with the pipes and with time could lead to a burst pipe or sewer line. This can eventually lead to flooding or even worse water damage if the pipes have been blocked for an extended amount of time.

Sudden Mould In Unexpected Places
Ever opened a cupboard and along the back wall is a black coating of mould? No water is evident but, this can indicate behind the cupboard is a pipe that has broken and is leaking water into the wall cavity creating mould. The best thing to do is call APT Plumbing immediately.

• Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore In Visible Or Audible Plumbing
• Soggy or muddy areas in the garden or lawn
• Discoloured water from your pipes
• Changes in the toilet flush

Foul odours

Visible leaks around hot water heaters or other water appliances

• “Knocking “or clanging pipes
• Drain or sink hat is extremely slow to drain
• Discoloured patches or dampness on roofs or walls
• Sudden growth in patches in your lawn or garden

How Can I monitor My Home For Potential Plumbing Issues?

Monitor The Water Meter
Take note of the number on your water meter. Turn off all the taps in your home and the leave it for about 15 mins. Return and check to see if there is any change in the meter reading. Additionally, turn on a tap and see if there is a significant change. If there is, then you should call the steamfitter to inspect the pipes further.

Check Your Sewer Drain & Sewer Line
The sewer drain in your property is responsible for the removal of all waste and wastewater at your property. It is your responsibility to keep it functioning well, and you should get it checked regularly. APT Plumbing will inspect the property and look at downpipes, stormwater drains as well as drainage areas. If anything, abnormal or unusual is seen they will notify you and on approval make the necessary repairs. The sewer line is the part of the pipe system that carries waste material from the main drain to your local sewerage system.

Review Monthly Water Usage
Check your monthly water usage especially in the winter months. The average Australian pays approximately $273 per quarter on water bills. If you notice increase we would suggest calling APT Plumbing to inspect for any issues that may protect you on causing your bill to increase.

Monitor For Any Other Signs
As a homeowner, it is suggested as part of your home maintenance you regularly check your plumbing. This could see you pick up on an issue and miss having to pay hefty costs for an emergency plumbing issue should a situation occur. This could save you not having to fork out expensive costs that can be avoided.

APT Plumbing believes in preventing issues before they occur, and they can assist you in pointing out where to do inspections on your own home.

Added Benefits on Routine Plumbing Maintenance:

Reduced Costs: Find issues as they occur before they become large and costly

Prevention of Emergencies: Maintenance avoids unpredictable broken pipe repairs

How Could A Lack Of Regular Plumbing Maintenance Affect Your Insurance?

APT Plumbing also recommends regular inspections and while some insurance plans cover plumbing repairs and emergencies they may not pay out if they determine negligence or neglect has contributed to the issue.

If you regularly maintain your plumbing with annual inspections, then your insurance may benefit. Talk to your insurance company about reviewing your policy if you have evidence of regular inspections.

What can you expect from an inspection with our team?

• Have a conversation with APT Plumbing who will show you the issue and explain it in an understanding way so that our clients are fully aware of the issues that have occurred.
• Prompt arrival times and availability 24/7
• A quote with all listing out of pocket expenses
• Honesty, and if additional issues crop up, we will explain the issue and advise of additional costing.

APT Plumbing has the best Sydney plumbing professionals available 24/7 to come and make any necessary repairs to your property. We encourage calls any time of the day or night because we know there is never an ideal time to have a plumbing issue.