Unblock A Drain With Tree Roots
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How To Unblock A Drain With Tree Roots?

By APT Plumbing Admin on 20 Nov 2022

Blocked drains with tree roots can seriously clog drainage and can be difficult to remove. There are techniques that can be used to eliminate tree roots that have grown inside plumbing systems. There is no need to spend time researching for a Emergency plumbing team in Sydney, as APT Plumbing has an experienced team of plumbers who know exactly how to unblock a drain with tree roots and are on call 24/7.

APT plumbing suggests the best way to unblock drains with tree roots are:

Chemical Formulas – using specific chemical formulas tree roots inside drains can be poisoned.

Hydro Jetting – pressurised water pushes any compacted soil and roots down the drain.

Manually Removing Roots – at times manually removing the roots from the drains by cutting, digging and other forms of labour is needed.

How do you remove tree roots from drains?

A fully qualified and professional plumber experienced in blocked drain repair services from APT Plumbing can remove tree roots from drains. Other types of blocked drains can be dealt with by any person but tree root systems if in sewer lines and outdoor drainage are difficult to otherwise remove. CCTV or drain snakes are used firstly to inspect the piping to determine where the block is, and which technique is best suited for unblocking the drain.

The main reason a plumber will remove roots inside a drain which they are blocking are:

Chemical Formulas
APT Plumbers can use chemicals to clear plumbing problems and clogs from tree roots. Copper sulphate septic treatments are the more common formulas that can be used to kill roots. These are mainly used to slowly poison the tree roots and for them to stop clogging drains.

Hydro Jetting
A water jet is used to propel any entrapped root and soil through the drain. The pressure pushes the blockage out of the pipe.

Manual Removing
Tree roots can be manually removed from a drain by cutting, digging, or using other advanced techniques. This is the last option way to remove roots and is generally only used in extreme situations in drainpipe plumbing. A plunger or auger is used to push dirt and fibres down the drain hole in order to break up any compacted earth blocking the pipe.

How do tree roots get in and grow inside drains?

Blocked drains with tree roots often occur in older piping systems as roots can easily break through. The roots are drawn to the water and nutrients inside the pipes and will break the pipes to access them. Older piping systems made of clay and not sealed correctly have a higher chance of being blocked by roots. This occurs in older houses, cemeteries, and town centres as drainage piping are not regularly maintained. The tree roots can be left for a long time in the piping systems before they cause a blockage to occur. This is because the tree roots can absorb the water and nutrients inside the pipes and will create their own nectar sources here.

APT Plumbers have years of experience as too do their plumbers, many have been with us long term and are fully experienced in dealing with drain pipe plumbing.

What can you do to prevent blocked drains with tree roots?

APT Plumbing explains there are several ways to prevent blocked drains with tree roots that cause pipes to become blocked and break. We consider ourselves to be experienced blocked drain repair services.

Chemicals – Remove roots from drains with chemical formulas, applied to prevent the breakdown of the issue. These can be applied around the soil to prevent tree roots from blocking the drains.

CCTV Drain Inspections – This involves blocked drain repair services inserting a camera inside drainage to look for blockages. If done regularly tree root blockages can prevent. If the issue is found early, then it will be easier and less expensive to handle the blockage situation.

Pipe Relining – When new pipes are installed, or existing ones are not broken or damaged then pipe relining is recommended. This service has a plumber insert specific formulas to coat the inside of the pipes and overall strengthen them.

Moving Pipes – a plumber will install a pipe network away from large trees is an effective way to prevent clogs. Relocating pipes away from these locations will cost less than trying to repair tree root clogs in the future.

What is the cost to remove tree roots from pipes?

Tree roots inside pipes can cause huge problems and cost large sums to fix. Some of the costly issues caused by tree roots include damage to the piping, sewer back up, and damage to the drain. Some tree root clogs are hundreds of years old and cannot be repaired due to age so they must be removed. Blocked drains with tree roots can also go undetected for a long period of time, meaning other problems will occur before you notice any blockages in pipes. The average cost is between $2000 up to $10,000. There is no need to spend time looking for a blocked drain plumber Sydney on the internet, just call APT plumbing, and we will come out if you prefer to supply a quote on your drainpipe plumbing costs as they can vary depending on the size of your repair.

Finding a professional blocked drain plumber Sydney

APT Plumbing provide plumbers that are experienced in removing tree roots and unblocking your drains, so your system is back in working order as soon as possible. Blocked drain repair services are the service you need when things go wrong with your drains.