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How to Find Water Leaks Inside A Wall

By APT Plumbing Admin on 02 Jan 2023

How Can You Notice You Have A Water Leak?

Water leaks can be difficult to notice as they are not visible, but you may begin to notice signs such as dampness and mildew in the area. You may also notice that your water bills are higher than usual.

What Can Cause A Water Leak Inside Your Walls?

There are many reasons why you may have a water leak inside your wall. After many years plumbing systems tend to deteriorate and leak, causing damage to your walls. Unfortunately, these kinds of leaks go undetected until signs appear like damage to the plaster or flooring.

Natural Wear And Tear
As the years go by your plumbing wears along with your home. While you can’t do anything about this, you can initially, if you ensure you have the best options when it comes to plumbing. Additionally, APT Plumbing which has extensive experience performing water leak detection services, may assess your plumbing regularly.

Excessive Frozen Water in Your Pipes
It is recommended you get your home heating unit and insulation of your pipes inspected before winter sets in. Freezing temperatures in the colder climates of Australia can cause havoc on your plumbing system, as your pipes become more vulnerable. Water flowing into the pipes during winter is likely to freeze.  Piping gets heavy and can be too much weight for them to cope with. They begin to crack, making you to call an approved plumber like APT Plumbing.

Pipes That Clog Up
Over time debris like sand, dirt and grit can fall into your piping system and begin to clog. Smaller leaves and twigs are also a common occurrence if you have surrounding trees on your property. When these get into your pipeline, they instigate clogging up to the point where nothing can flow. When this occurs, water pools in the pipe until it can no longer move and puts increased pressure over complete blockage or worse, pipes may begin to split. You must contact APT Plumbing to do a water leak inspection is this occurs.

Repairs Not Carried Out Correctly
When you have repair carried out, you need to make sure that you endorse the work of a fully licensed lumber like APT Plumbing to carry out the work. Water leak detection is not a simple task. You should ensure that the plumber you hire has training and expertise. If your repairs are not done correctly, they might eventually cost you extra money and trouble. Water leak detection or else your repairs may end up causing you more headache and money if they are not carried out correctly.

The Effects of Water Leaking Inside Walls
I’m sure you can imagine if left unnoticed, water damage is bad for walls as they absorb the water and mould and mildew can set in to cause issues. Not only is this awful to look at, but it also brings health issues if left unattended and can cause you a whole lot of money to have repaired correctly.

Your Home May Be Structurally Compromised
The worst part of water leakage is the issues it brings to the structure of your home. Prolonged moisture within your walls creates a problem for the raw materials used in the household. Wooden flooring or wall panelling starts to rot from the water, and metal components like screws, bolts or frames begin to corrode. The deterioration of these items brings even more issues to the repairs.

Mould & Mildew May Begin To Grow
Mould and Mildew are two of the biggest fungi that grow as they love moist locations. There are a few issues this brings, the biggest being the large amount of damage it brings to the inside cavities of your walls and secondly health issues. They can bring on asthma and other respiratory conditions if not repaired immediately.

Bugs and Pests Can Begin to Invade Your Home
Mould and mildew are not the only things that can begin to invade your home when you have a water leak. Pests love moist environments, and they can initiate to take over your home. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and termites love wet areas, which is the last thing you need in your home. With regular checks for leaks at home, you can avoid instances like this as you tab get onto leaks faster with regular checking leaving these pests to find an alternative place to call home!

Paying Higher Utility Bills
With water expenses caused by leaks are another factor to check frequently to prevent leaks.

How To Check For Leaks

Turn Off Water
By switching off at the mains, you can determine the leak by checking to see if your metre is still spinning. If it is, you should call APT Plumbing. They will perform their leak detection services to determine where the leak is coming from.

Make use of Plumbing Cameras
APT Plumbing have access to the latest thermal cameras to check your pipes and determine where blockages and leaks are coming from.

How To Repair Water Leaks

Once it has been determined where the leaks are coming from, repairs can be made accordingly. In addition to being authorised and licensed, APT Plumbing has years if expertise doing these inspections and making the required repairs to get you back in business and give you peace of mind that your plumbing is once again operating as it should.

Should there is a blockage, it can be removed, and the pipe will be further inspected for damage. Depending on the complexity of the repair, the homeowner may be able to handle some of the work themselves, but you could be better off hiring a skilled plumber. Some repairs may be significant, and you may be needing to replace pipes, plaster and even tiles and grouting. When this happens, you will be needing a plumber, tiler and caulker to replace the caulking and sealants around the walls.

APT Plumbing is a family-ran business that services most areas of Sydney, call them today to discuss any issues you have regarding water leaks inside your walls.