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The Value Of Early Detection Services For Gas Leaks

By APT Plumbing Admin on 06 Mar 2023

Gas leak detection is crucial for homes and workplaces. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous for your wellbeing and safety and therefore that of your family members or work colleagues. It is also dangerous for the function of your home and workplace. In addition to all this gas leaks can cause liability concerns if they are not attended to immediately as soon as you suspect there is a leak.

APT Plumbing provides leak detection services to determine exactly where the leak is and make the necessary repairs so no one is affected by it.

What Is The Difference Between Natural & LPG Gas?

Natural Gas

Natural gas is primarily made up of methane though it does contain small amounts of other gases such as butane, ethane, propane, and pentane. In its raw state, natural gas has no colour or odour. It is formed within the earth over millions of years from organic matter that decomposes. After extracting from the earthen reservoirs and then removing impurities, consumers receive the natural gas viz many kilometres of gas pipelines.


LPG (liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a colourless, low carbon and highly efficient fuel. Being a hydrocarbon gas, LPG remains in a liquefied form. LPG is supplied in two forms. Butane and propane. LPG is used in various ways, including fuel for crop-drying, heating homes, BBQ’s and many more.

How Can Gas Leaks Happen?

Gas leaks occur for many reasons, including rusting, aged or loose seals or connections, improper filtration systems, pinhole defect and poor welding techniques. Furthermore, they can be due to incorrect equipment operation. We have gas plumbers in Sydney so call APT Plumbing and we can connect you with one as soon as you detect you have an issue.

Why Can Gas Leaks Be Hazardous?

Combustible gases can cause fires or even cause bursts in the home or workplace, not only injuring yourself but others that surround you, workmates, friends or colleagues at work. In the long term, gas leaks can cause massive health issues due to a slow leak that allows individuals to have gradual exposure. Some gas leaks can actually become a silent killer if they go undetected. Gas leaks are riskier for your health and scary for your hip pocket finances. Repairing damage caused by a gas leak can often be expensive., time-consuming, annoying, and expose you to more harmful substances. If you do not choose to use a gas detection service to detect where the leak is coming from then it will cause you additional grief. The leak will continue to occur and have extremely larger consequences and cost you more money to have repaired. We have experienced gas fitting services at APT Plumbing all you need to do is give us a call and we will arrange for a specialist to come urgently to rectify the issue.

Trusted Gas Leak Detection Services

Using tools brought from hardware stores to detect a gas leak can often lead to false results, and could leave you and those around you in danger if they go unattended to. Failing to use a professional to check for gas leaks can land you in more significant problems moving forward. It is recommended that you schedule a gas leak detection service like us at APT Plumbing to come to the premises if you use any of the following items or have access to any gasses.

• Gas is used as a source to operate items, including gas tanks, gas stoves, water heaters or central heating to your home or business.
• Gases commonly used within the business or home include butane, propane or natural gas.

Gas Leak Detection In The Workplace

Gas leaks are often more prevalent in workplaces than in the home. For eliminating personal or property hazards, qualified personnel should follow AS/NZS 60079.29.2.2008 standards for gas detectors – selection, use and maintenance, to ensure everyone and everything is kept safe. Gas leaks in the workspace, ruin materials and equipment, and may cause employees to quit due to concern. Should a gas leak from fuel systems from machinery or [power occur. it can have the equipment work harder, resulting in higher gas costs and more frequent repairs costing you more in the long term.

Why Should You Contact APT Plumbing For Gas Leak Detection Services?

APT Plumbing provides residential and business plumbing services throughout the whole Sydney area. We offer 24/7 emergency services for all LPG and natural gas leak repairs. All of our team are fully trained and certified to provide clients reliable service in a timely manner. We will make the necessary repairs and avoid any probable damage or health risk to you or your family members or even work colleagues.