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Emergency Plumbing Required For Your Blocked Drain

By APT Plumbing Admin on 03 Mar 2023

Contact us at APT Plumbing 24/7 for any emergency plumbing services in Sydney. We have help available for you as we understand that there is never a good time to need a plumber in an emergency. We offer all emergency plumbing services in Sydney.

Blocked drains are not just a worry and inconvenience, but they could be the beginning of an indication that you have bigger issues that need urgent attention. You are better to seek help and get any blockages investigated rather than letting it go until something bursts or breaks.

Signs That A Blocked Drain Needs Emergency Plumbing

There are many signs that you may notice that indicate you may have an issue with your pipes.

1. Water Backups

Water backups can be a tell-tale sign that clogged drains and plumbing issues may be present. One of the worst things that can happen here is that water can back up in drains with large amounts of water. This can also be a hygiene issue and this problem needs to be addressed immediately.

2. Slow Flowing Water Along With Stagnant Water

Water flow that becomes slow is a common sign that you may need to keep an eye out for blockages of water in drains. You may not initially think much of this but when wastewater cannot freely flow and move, you could have bigger issues.

3. Bad Odours As Well As Leaks

As water stagnates and is not moving, it creates the perfect environment for bacteria growth and mould to occur. Aside from the smell that this can cause, this can also mean that leaks can occur underneath the sink or in a pipe. This is another reason why you need to act quickly to have any clogs cleared out immediately. APT Plumbing has experts available to perform a blocked drain cleaning service in Sydney for you.

4. Frozen Pipes

Most places within NSW or Australia do not experience icy, wintery weather and they rarely experience extremely cold, icy winters. However, in saying this we do have some places that can experience frozen pipes such as the Snowy Mountains and Tasmania. These areas do experience frozen pipes, and these are an indicator that you may have a drain blockage.

In colder areas the still water inside your pipes can freeze a lot faster than running water does and when this occurs it will cause a pipe to freeze solid within your pipe system. This in turn prevents any additional water to flow freely. When this occurs, it will cause more issues with your plumbing and we can assist you as we are a reputable and reliable blocked drains plumbing service at APT Plumbing.

5. Leaks

Pressure builds up in pipes when they become blocked. This can cause water to be pushed out with force, through even the smallest of openings leading to bigger leaks. Even if the initial leaks were not present, blockages that remain overlooked can lead to serious plumbing issues with pipes and pipe joints and weaken the areas that are vulnerable to this. You will eventually need to call on us as we are available to replace, or repair broken pipes.

6. Odd Noises In The Walls And Near The Drain Areas

Ever had gurgling or a knocking noise in your pipes? These noises are caused when pipes are struggling to pass water through the pipes, or the pipes are being strained. These issues can be a hassle and annoying to deal with. There is nothing word than being woken or having to listen to strange and annoying noises in the night. APT Plumbers can come and inspect the issue and have it resolved for you as soon as you give the go ahead.

7. Built Up Residue

There are times when you can have scale or powdery residue, and this can become visible if it is close to where the water flows down your drain. Over time water that has a high mineral content builds up and this over time can cause a build-up that blocks any water from flowing through the pipes. Sewer line blockages become problematic and indicates a serious sewer line blockage that over time if not attended to will affect the pipes in the entire home if you don’t seek assistance from a plumber.

8. Plants

While you may have the most amazing garden that you admire daily, depending on the kind of plants you have may result in having an issue with your pipes. Over time shrubs and trees that are planted close to the home can have root that creep into the pipes and feed wildly off the water and chemicals that pass through them. In the long term this can lead to blockages or even breaks in your piping system.

Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

There are many types of blockages that can occur in your pipes, and we have found that depending on the type of blockage you have will depend on how our plumbing experts address the issue and repair, replace, or clear the blockages.

• Loose hair, one of the most common causes of blockages in the bathroom
• Mould, mildew, and algae build up.
• Grease and oil, two of the biggest no no’s in the kitchen. Do you find it easier to tip the remnants of your frypan down the kitchen sink and then wash it? This is one of the most common issues in a kitchen and one that is easily avoidable.
• Tree and plant roots
• Objects stuck as food or small children’s toys. Toys are often the cause of toilet blockages as they become a game to children. They are there one minute and gone the next when the toilet is flushed!!!!!
• Gas builds up – gas pockets can prevent a proper flow inside your pipes.

What Can I Do If I Have A Emergency With A Drain?

If you have a drain emergency you should never hesitate to call us at APT Plumbing. Our plumber will come to your home and identify the issue and once repaired they will offer some friendly advice on how to avoid this occurring again. Some tips include:

1. Stop Using The Drain That Is Affected

If you have noticed you have a blockage, avoid using the sink completely. The same should happen if you have a blocked or slow draining shower. Hair can be one of the most common drain blockages that over time can build up and stop water flowing through. The best way to avoid this is to place a sink hair catcher that will collect the hair and allow you to put it in the garbage and avoid another blockage,

2. Watch The Quality Of Your Water

Water that is high in minerals or processed water has a high mineral content that can cause mineral build-ups. Taking this into consideration you need to watch the quality of the water to avoid mineral build-ups.

The best way to ensure you are on top of the water quality is to mix some tap water and soap together. If bubbles don’t form easily, this is an indication that your water may be hard, loaded with minerals like calcium. Sadly, when this occurs the chances are high for you to have undetected blockages in your pipes and a plumber can perform a CCTV Pipe Inspection and clear any unnecessary blockages with the use of a jet blaster unit.

3. Assist In Identifying The Cause Of The Blockage

You need to remember that not everything is safe to pour down your sink drain. Continual use of putting unnecessary items down the sink will lead to blockages that can be avoided. Things that you should never put down a sink include:

• Food craps or particles
• Medicine
• Hazardous or flammable items like paint, corrosives, petrol, or pesticides
• Anything that is oil based.
• Anything made from plastic, rubber, or non-biodegradable substances.
• Fibrous materials like paper or cotton.

These items need to have a separate waste disposal and should never be mixed together with water, If possible, you can get a jar and tip the chemical, oil or solid matter and dispose of it in an alternative way.

4. Clean Your Drains Regularly

You should perform a fast clean on your drains weekly, and do a deep clean monthly. You will be surprised how in a short amount of time your pipes can have a build-up of muck.

• Use a drain snake on your shower drains to prevent hair from building up.
• Clear out any debris from the drain in kitchens and bathroom.
• Clean out any hair in hair catchers.

Weekly quick cleans are good as a preventative BUT you should make sure you perform a thorough deep clean of drains every month. Aside from the methods above you can do the following to ensure all drains are in good condition.

• Use a chemical drain cleaner.
• Dissolve grease with very hot water

Remember not to use any corrosive chemicals, natural products like baking soda and white vinegar mixed with water in a drain are very effective in clearing drains. If this fails to work, we suggest you call us at APT Plumbing to clear the blockage for you.

5. Keep Watch For drain Issues and Blockages

Always make sure you pay attention to your sinks and watch the flow of water down your drain. There will be times when you are unable to clear a blockage and when this occurs it isn’t best to ignore the issue. The sooner you have this attended to the less chance you have of needing a major plumbing repair.

There will be times when you will be able to unblock a drain but the longer you leave it to try and unblock it the sooner you will be needing a plumber to assist you. If left unattended to for a long time the chances are you will need pipes replaced, should they break. If in doubt on what to do we suggest you call us at APT Plumbing we have experienced plumbers on call 24/7 to assist with untimely blockages.