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Why Your Sydney Plumber Should Be Available 24/7

By APT Plumbing Admin on 04 Mar 2023

Ever had something break after normal work hours like a toilet or pipe? The anxiety or frustration to find a 24/7 plumber at 2am can be frustrating if you don’t know who to call. APT Plumbing is your go to residential plumbing service in Sydney that provides 24/7 assistance to the Sydney area for all plumbing issues.

Saving You Time

These days most people lead busy lives and therefore do not always have time to wait around for a plumber. This can be logistically frustrating and not practical. When you are looking for an affordable plumbing service near home, you can have peace of mind APT Plumbing has several plumbers throughout the Sydney area that can come to you at a convenient time to come and assess your plumbing issue and repair or replace most issues on the spot.

Experience and Expertise

Our plumbers are prepared to get a call out at midnight or even 3am, there is never a good time to have a plumbing issue and they realise this. They are fully equipped to take on the issue, think on their feet and jump in feet first to get the issue sorted. Being experienced and competent our team will provide you with a high-quality service you would expect at a reasonable price.


You can be reassured that all of the APT Plumbers have a fully equipped work truck that is able to take on the biggest of plumbing job with the latest modern equipment. Blocked or broken drains are an easy task to tackle as they use their Camera to detect where the blockage or break is and they will get to work regardless of the time to make the repairs and have you back in working order with the smallest delay possible.


APT Plumbing has a team that understands there is never an ideal time to have a plumbing issue and leaks can cost you money, adding to your water bill unnecessarily. It can also lead to damaging your and neighbouring properties so we will make every effort to have the repairs completed as soon as possible and work with you to ensure it is an affordable cost. We cannot however predict when a job may start out simple but lead to a bigger task if further issues are discovered. In this instance we will keep you updated with our findings an advise you on an approximate price on the repairs.


APT Plumbing only employs competent, trustworthy, and reliable plumbing specialists. All our team are fully equipped with the all the equipment they need. They are all either apprentices in training or fully qualified and have the experience to get the job done regardless of the issue. Over their careers with us they have gained the experience and knowledge through hard work including work after hours during the night when they are on call. Our plumbers are available for those untimely situations that you have no idea when you will have an issue and need us.

Unknown Plumbing Issues

APT Plumbers are prepared for those call outs when you have a leak and no idea what the issue is. We are a competent water leak detection service that can use our CCTV Camera to detect a leak should you have a terrible odour present or an issue with your sewerage. Those are one untimely issue you need to be repaired urgently. No one can function without a flushing toilet, especially if you only have access to one toilet in your home.

Ever had a flood or broken tap and visitors are on their way? Water pipe break on a public holiday and know it needs an urgent repair? That’s ok, we have plumbers that understand all that also and they are prepared to come and make any necessary repairs at your property. We get that there’s never a planned time or often no indication that something will happen to your plumbing.

Emergency Gas Fitters

IF you wake up and smell gas you don’t want to wait until morning to have a plumber come and inspect your property. This is a matter that needs urgent attention, it can bring with it dangerous gasses that no one wants to breathe in. APT Plumbing has several gas fitting plumbers that can come to you in a timely manner regardless of the time day or night and inspect the home and determine where the leak is coming from. Once this is complete, they will go about repairing or replacing the issue so all is safe again.

Expert Plumbing Advice On Your Premises

We will advise you should something need repairing or replacing. There may be a time when your toilet has been repaired many times and it has simply run its course. In this instance we may need to replace the unit and if so we will explain the process and timeframe that the toilet cannot be used until the cement sets. We will additionally advise on the best unit for your bathroom, especially if your toilet is old and no longer available as styles change over time. Another item that ages and may need replacing is your hot water unit. There is often no indication that it is going unless you notice it not heating up as it usually does. In this instance we will get some prices on a new unit for you and give you an approximate price on replacing the unit including labour costs to install it.

We Have You Covered.

Blocked drains, slow draining pipes? These can be caused by several things such as a object like a toy blocking the pipe or even tree roots frantically growing inside your pipes. These are just some of the issues you may need an emergency plumber. APT Plumbing is a long-standing reliable family plumbing business. We can detect issues with a reasonable time and have your pipes working again in tip top ways. You never have to worry about the time, that’s our job, our team of plumber’s love getting up and starting their day early, we understand some days start earlier than others but that’s all part of the job.

We will ensure that any digging we do is covered up again in a way that’s safe for you and for your kids to run around again in the yard, however we can’t control little dirty feet that may come with diffing up and repairing or replacing pipework that is broken but we can reassure you that we will take our own muddy boots away with us along with any broken pipework!