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5 Commercial Plumbing Problems That Need To Be Fixed

By APT Plumbing Admin on 04 Mar 2023

Commercial plumbing issues can become dangerous if not repaired or inspected in a timely manner.

There is a lot of difference between residential and commercial plumbing issues. Commercial plumbing is way more complicated and something that usually needs the expertise from a professional.

The main reason for its complexity is directly related to the size of the job. I’m sure you will agree that a commercial building that has several hundred employees is a lot larger and a bigger job that of a home with four people in it.

If you ever notice any of the following APT Plumbing recommends that you call in a plumbing expert.

5 Commercial Plumbing Issues That Will Need to Be Repaired Urgently.

1. Hot Water Issues

Lack of hot water in commercial buildings can lead to a disaster, mainly if the company relies on hot water for serving clients. Property owners if business like commercial spas and hairdressers cannot survive without hot water at any time in a day. Similarly, for anyone that owns this business they will understand that safety measures need to be imposed in place if there are hot water heaters installed.

Initially, the issue needs to be identified and this could take time depending on the size of the commercial building. You should never delay in calling a commercial electric hot water repair service, and this is what is good about us at APT Plumbing as we have experienced commercial plumbers available on call 24/7. Most times it can be a faulty heater as the cause and the sudden delay in receiving hot water. Often solutions lie insulating the tank or replacing the thermostat can be all it takes to rectify the matter.

To avoid any further issues, you should always contact a professional plumber, as they can successfully identify the issues that have prevented the hot water from flowing.

2. Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are one of the most common issues in commercial buildings that arise regularly. As there are always many floors in an apartment or office building there is always a higher chance of drains being blocked.

Usually, residents and employees will be briefed of the best practices to avoid plumbing issues. If it arises that most people in the building fail to follow good plumbing practices, then a clogged or blocked drain will be a regular occurrence.

Once the blockage has been identified, you will need to contact a commercial drain cleaning service and we at APT Plumbing professional will come and inspect the issue. There will be a few tell-tale signs that they will show you to watch for future issues. You can at this time have a discussion with the plumber and discuss ways to prevent this from regularly occurring in the future.

3. Clogged Toilets

Having clogged toilets can be stressful in a family home, but it becomes far more challenging in a commercial building. Hotels, public buildings and restaurants that have high traffic in bathrooms can lead to even one blocked toilet becoming a major issue.

At home you can inform family member to make sure they avoid throwing foreign objects in the toilet but this becomes almost impossible in a commercial building. It can also lead to causing a large amount of stress onto the managers, owners, and caretakers of the building.  The best option you can try is to place posters around reminding clients and visitors to be mindful when flushing objects in the toilet, but it is one that is extremely hard to police.

Sometimes if the clog or blockage is small a plunger can be all it needs to fix the issue. However, sometimes the blockage is larger and can as a result effect the entire plumbing system. This in turn causes issues like overflow occurring and lead to water damage to other parts of the plumbing system. In this occurrence you will need to call on a professional commercial plumber to come and come in and inspect the issue and make the necessary repairs.

4. Leakage in the pipe system

A long-term leak in the piping system can waste a large amount of water and set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This will end up resulting in larger increases in water usage and reflect on your bills.

Leaky features happen when washers and seals are damaged or worn but are something that are always an easy and fast fix. You can identify leaky fixtures by observing specific fixtures like dripping taps. You may even notice a small pool of water at the base of the taps.

One way to determine if there is a leak in the plumbing is reading the metre. If you noting the metre is still turning when the water is turned off, then you will know that there is a leak somewhere in the system that needs to be identified.

However, when you have a leaky pipe, this can often be difficult to identify. It may not even be possible to identify as a commercial building owner or caretaker and you will in this case need to make the call to have a commercial plumber come to search and identify the leak and make the necessary repairs to the plumbing system.

5. Sewerage Odour

One of the most unpleasant smalls in plumbing would have to be when an issue arises with the sewer. This can be one of the most common issues in a commercial building and one that becomes a major issue to business owners.

Sewer odours can enter the premises through a blocked vent, dry trap or worse a damaged drain line. If you suspect, you have a sewer issue after you identify an issue or unpleasant small then we suggest pouring some water down every drain in the building. If the smell disappears in a few days, then it was most likely the dry trap causing the odour.

If the odour remains you will have absolutely no choice but to call a plumber to come and repair the issue.

What Are Some Common Signs Of Possible Plumbing Issues.

There are a few easily identifiable issues that you can look out for when in a commercial building.

*Water backing up
*Smelly or stinky drains
*Gurgling sounds from the drain
*Pools of water near the sink

If you come across any of these signs, then we would suggest you call us at APT Plumbing, and we will get one of our plumbers out to you at a convenient time that suits you well before the issue becomes much worse.


As commercial buildings are designed for servicing many people at a time then it is more likely that a plumbing issue will occur. As the last thing you want in a commercial place is plumbing issues you need to act on anything as soon as it pops up. Commercial offices, shopping centres and restaurants will need any issue repaired immediately in order to keep their business operating.

Fortunately, most issues can be fixed if you call a trustworthy and reputable plumbing business that are fully trained to repair issues in commercial buildings and have the job done in the fastest amount of time so no one is out of action and unable to open their business doors. We at APT Plumbing provide some of the most reliable commercial plumbing services in Sydney that are always available 24/7. We understand there is never an ideal time to have plumbing issues, so give us a call for complete plumbing inspections and we will ensure that we thoroughly inspect the premises for any issues.