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Best Locations to Install a Water Heater in Your Home

By APT Plumbing Admin on 03 Jan 2023

There are two main kinds of water heaters on the market currently. Tank Heaters (Traditional) and the tankless ones. Both cannot just be put anywhere, there are certain things you need to consider, and it is recommended you call a hot water and gas plumber like APT Plumbing is a hot water system installation company that will recommend the best place to install it.

1. Storage Tank Water Heaters

These are the traditional water tanks we see in many older homes and some new homes. These store water inside them, and it heats and as the water is used, the tank refills and heats again. These tanks need sufficient space, so generally, they are fitted outside against a side wall of the home, or if you are in a unit, they are stored in a cupboard.

2. Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have specific requirements on where they can be installed, and APT Plumbing are a hot water systems provider in Sydney that can offer advice and install this in the correct place at your home to ensure you have the best running hot water. Things that need to be considered are:

Desirable Area

Placing the heater near a tap having water access will enable smooth operation. The technician needs to ensure it is close to the bathroom if you want the hot water to get there as quickly as possible. You can install additional heaters in your home, but this becomes costly. The water heater is often installed on an outside wall closest to the room that uses hot water the most, which is the bathroom in a house.

Ventilated Area

Tankless water heaters have specific venting requirements, as they vent out more exhaust than conventional tank heaters. The manufacturer’s directions must be followed when installing your tank to ensure your hot water system is in the correct position. You must have a location at least one metre away from windows and near the vent termination.

Protection from the Outside Elements

While the tankless water can be installed inside the home it must be kept in a safe place under stairs, kitchen sink or in a pantry

however, most tankless heaters are found outside on a wall shielded from the weather, the sun, and insects.

Tips for the ideal tankless installation:

• It shouldn’t be close to combustible components (rubber, oil-based paint or plastic).
• It shouldn’t need heavy plumbing changes.
• It shouldn’t be near hot water outlets, other appliances like gas BBQ’s or taps.
• It should be easy to locate and access.

You can install a tankless water heater in the same place you had a storage-tank water heater. It is okay to use the original position if you are replacing the water heater. APT Plumbing may need to make some adjustments to go from tank to tankless hot water. They service most of the Sydney areas and will save you time looking for a hot water plumber near me on the internet. They are reliable and reputable in the industry and a company you can trust.

In conclusion

When installing a water heater at home, there are many factors to consider to ensure your system is installed in the correct place and fittingly. The most important part of the installation is getting the exact location to ensure you have hot water where you need it. Finding a trained and dependable hot water system installer in Sydney like APT Plumbing is essential whether you opt for tankless or with a hot water tank. You may discuss your selections and the system that will work best for your needs with the plumber once you’ve chosen one.

When looking at the brands, you will notice several distinctions that you should talk with your local plumbing professional to determine which is ideal for your needs. You may research which option is superior and which brand appeals to you. Household size is additionally one of the noteworthy things to consider, especially if you are going for the tank option. It is not good if you buy it and install it only to find out later that the tank cannot handle the demands of your household. How many people will be using the water for showers and baths? Do you use hot water washes for the washing machine? Or dishwasher? To prevent running out of hot water, the technician will recommend the appropriate tank size based on all of these considerations. Where will the system be placed? This is important because if you get it wrong, this will also impact the effectiveness of your access to hot water in the home.

There is a lot to take in when needing hot water and exactly where it should be installed at your home. Often, we think it’s an easy job, and we can remove the old one and install a new one, but are you 100% confident of ensuring you get the correct one? Maybe giving APT Plumbing a call can ensure that all of your concerns are taken care of, giving you the confidence that your home’s best course of action has been chosen.