Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning
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Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

By APT Plumbing Admin on 22 Nov 2022

Clogged drains, smelly drains, and sink that takes forever to drain the water away can be frustrating, annoying, and stressful. Blockages tend to occur because of the accumulation of food particles, grease, and other debris. When these are not removed and left to build up, they may cause issues in your drains. If a drain is blocked, it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can also lead to health problems such as respiratory problems and infections.

When looking for high-pressure drain cleaning services, APT Plumbing can send a plumber who will check and clean your drains, and ensure they are running smoothly and efficiently without getting to a point that creates headaches that come when a drain is blocked drain.

What Is High Pressure Drain Cleaning?

Hydro-jetting is a process performed to clear drains when looking for a drain blast plumbing company in Sydney, APT Plumbing service is here that has many years of experience in unblocking pipes and other plumbing services.They will recommend using pressurised water through the pipes to break up and clean pipe linings. By doing this jet blast draining removes grease, soap scum, waste build up, hair, and any additional foreign things that are clinging to the walls of your pipes. Once the cleaning process has ended you will notice that there is no more offending smell coming from your pipes.

High pressure drain cleaners may not always be able to remove and clear all pipes. If you have tree roots clogging your pipes you will then need to contact a plumber experienced in replacing pipes. You don’t need to leave cleaning pipes until they clog.

Quick and Effective

High-pressure drain cleaners such as the ones used by APT Plumbing are extremely fast & effective in cleaning minor clogs. The job may be time consuming for your plumber, but this will depend on how much piping they need to clean out. If the whole premises needs cleaning, then the process of jet blasting may take from two to three hours. If you prefer to see what needs clearing beforehand you can ask your APT Plumber to complete a closed-circuit survey to inspect the blockages and understand what is happening.

Non-Invasive & Damage Free Cleaning

Plumbers will attempt high-pressure drain cleaning when you have a blockage. It simply involves using a nozzle to be pushed a little way down the drain to work its magic. Once the water is expelled from the pipe, it will be flushed down the drain. Your plumber may have to repeat this process a few times until all traces of blockages have been removed. You should keep in mind that if your pipes are severely blocked and need major repair, this method will not work.

High-pressure drain cleaning has many benefits, and this is the reason why many plumbers use jet blast draining services to clean pipes. Best of all it reaches even the tightest of points to clean out effectively.


Drain blast plumbing is one option to clear clogged pipes. Yes, there are other methods you can use but it is best to leave these for major issues where piping needs replacing. This process can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of time. High-pressure drain cleaning does not damage your pipes, saving you and the plumber time in replacing the pipe when the pipe is fully blocked and beyond repair. Having high-pressure drain cleaners on your side can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle when trying to clear blocked drains by yourself.

Friendly On The Environment

When APT Plumbers use high pressure drain cleaning, they get to work using non-toxic chemicals for their cleaning process. Only water is used to pressure clean the pipes. This makes the cleaning process environmentally friendly on the waterways where the water washes into. Dealing with clogs by using this method will ensure the sewer line won’t burst or leak toxic sewerage into the waterways and affect the environment. You will additionally be ensuring the longevity of the environment as you are making sure you don’t let water build up in the pipes for any reason.

Rely On Your Local Professional Plumbing Company

If you notice pipes are blocked or have an odour, get in touch with APT Plumbing, they will inspect the pipes, and if needed use jet blast drain cleaning for stubborn blockages to assist in unblocking a plumbing issue and clean your pipes. Our reliable plumbers are extensively experienced and will give you honest answers to all your questions. We offer a complete plumbing service and while cleaning blocked pipes we can additionally assist you with replacing washers in taps, repairing drips in shower heads, and much more.

We can additionally assist you in ensuring your hot water system is functioning at its best and discuss an overall annual plumbing review and check on your entire premises to ensure the longevity of all your plumbing.