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Benefits Of A CCTV Sewer Camera Inspection

By APT Plumbing Admin on 29 Dec 2022

What is involved in a CCTV camera inspection?

If you notice signs of blockages, clogs or terrible odours this may indicate that there is an issue with your sewer lines. When this occurs, you will need a CCTV pipe inspection. CCTV means Closed Circuit Television. A camera is fed inside your pipelines, sewer lines and all the drains on the property. This allows the plumber to find any issues without digging up the ground, removing flooring or even breaking plaster off walls to access your pipes. APT Plumbing is one of the most reliable sewer pipe repairers in Sydney, available 24/7 to assist you with any plumbing issues even after hours in an emergency.

These inspections are an affordable solution to identify the source of the problem. The results allow your plumber to ensure the correct repairs are made and carried out promptly. Often older homes have issues with plumbing as pipes can block or if they are clay based, can break down over time. This kind of inspection is easy and affordable, and APT Plumbing recommends performing this in houses.  When purchasing a new home for yourself, some insurance companies recommend a CCTV sewer camera inspection to ensure all the pipes are in full working order.

What can a CCTV sewer inspection find at a property?

When APT Plumbing come to your premises, they will feed a camera through the pipes and a monitor will show a live feed of what is happening. You and the plumber will give an accurate understanding of what it sees and what issues are present in the pipes.

The camera will detect many issues such as:

• Collapsed pipes – You will be able to see where pipes have collapsed. This may be due to ageing or tree roots growing in the piping system.

• Invasive tree roots: Plant and tree roots grow outwards, searching for water in the dirt. This is how the plant gets nutrients to grow. When they find a pipe with water, nothing stops them from entering through a weak point. The smallest of cracks or openings allow them to break through clay, plastic or even cast iron piping.

• Build up of various substances: items such as grease, oil and fats solidify in the pipes and start sticking to the edges allowing this to build up over time. Disposable wipes, even though “flushable" eventually become caught in the pipeline and clog the sewer system. Finally, if someone flushes things down the toilet such as toys, sanitary pads to mention a few things. They can’t make it through the pipe system and eventually become stuck leaving no other option but to clog the pipes.

• Cracks or breaks: Cast iron pipes corrode over time, and cracks appear, causing sections of the pipeline to collapse. It will eventually collapse if a car drives over it, such as in a driveway, because of the pressure.

How will a CCTV sewer camera inspection work?

A CCTV sewer inspection is designed for residential pipes 5-15cm in diameter and are hand operated and fed into the pipe manually. The camera is attached to the end of a reel that is manually fed through the pipes for inspection.

The camera has a light that allows the plumber to see what is happening and can travel up to 53 metres down the length of a sewer line to an access point. The access point will be cleaned out, and any debris removed while the cameras record and store all information seen for later if needed.

What are the benefits of using a CCTV sewer camera inspection?

APT Plumbing will outline the various benefits and importance of CCTV sewer camera inspections for homes. This is an affordable and environmentally friendly process as it does not require digging up gardens or lawns in your yard. The CCTV camera sewer inspection can isolate a problem and allow the plumber the chance to repair the issue. Once the obstruction or break has been fixed, a final camera examination is carried out to ensure there was no issue when such an area was covered in earth after digging to fix the pipe.

What happens after a CCTV sewer camera inspection?

Once APT Plumbing has completed its inspection and determined the issues found, they will discuss the findings and explain what needs to happen next. Hydro-jetting equipment can clear a little obstruction from a pipe that only requires cleaning. If the pipeline wants a little more than this, they can perform a trenchless or traditional sewer pipe repair and replacement.

Traditional pipe repair:

This technique may quickly and easily repair a broken pipe and requires little digging. There is no need to dig trenches, knock down walls or tear up floors. This method is additionally cost effective, non-invasive and environmentally friendly. Pipe bursting and pipe lining are two different methods of trenchless repairs. Trenchless sewer repairs can last up to 100 years after they are installed, making it worth your money to use this method.


Hydro-jetting uses high pressurised water to clean out sewer pipes. It is non-evasive and requires no digging, uses no chemicals and restores the pipes to their original diameter. Sometimes snakes and plungers fail to work so hydro jetting is a deeper clean. It’s not something we recommend you do yourself so we suggest you call APT Plumbing, and we will make a suitable time to meet you at the property. The condition of the pipe determines the amount of pressure and what type of nozzle that we will need to use during the hydro-jetting process.

Remember, when you are needing pipes cleaned or repaired, APT Plumbing is an experienced pipe relining company in Sydney and are available on call 24/7.