Solar Hot Water Systems

solar hotwater

Solar hot water systems are becoming increasingly popular for Sydney residents as there are a number of benefits which are connected to these types of systems. Living in Australia means that there is a lot of sunshine and if you’re not converting that into hot water – you’re wasting money!

As soon as the sun goes down or the weather turns bad, your hot water is automatically heated by your electricity or gas boosters therefore no time or money is wasted on your behalf! The plumbers at APT know all there is to know about solar hot water and our company can supply and install the best solar hot water systems at your home or business.

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For a money-saving water heating, consider a solar water heater from APT Plumbing. We can help you choose the right system for your needs, show you how to claim your government rebates, and perform a professional installation with a level of service which is second-to-none.

What are the benefits of choosing solar hot water from APT?


Because solar water heaters take free energy from the sun, your heating hot water is much cheaper year-after-year, saving you hundreds of dollars on energy costs annually.


By using less electricity or gas, solar water heaters help the environment too. There are almost no carbon emissions involved in heating your hot water with solar, and since heating hot water is one of the main residential uses of energy this can make a significant impact.


Just because your hot water is heating by the sun, it doesn't mean you're dependent on good weather for your hot water. Your system can be automatically 'topped up' with electric heat like a regular water heater.


APT Plumbing can help show you the best warranties from leading brands like Rheem.


APT Plumbing provides professional installations. With over 50 years experience, we're already the trusted choice of tens of thousands of homes across Sydney for their hot water needs.

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