Gas Hot Water Systems

dux hot water

More and more people are making the switch from electric hot water to gas hot water systems as they produce less greenhouse gasses compared to electric heaters. It is important that you know all the facts about each and every gas hot water system and you find the system which will best suit your household or business situation.

We offer a huge range of gas hot water system options so if you’re after a Dux gas hot water system or if you prefer a Rheem hot water system, we can assist with all aspects of supply and installation in order to make the process as quick and easy as possible for our customers.


Gas hot water systems are more efficient than electric hot water systems. Gas hot water is available in different sizes, brands & efficieny ratings. APT Plumbing can help choose which gas hot water system best suits your home & lifestyle. APT Plumbing can install all types of gas hot water systems & can repair most.

Gas hot water comes in two types. INSTANTANEOUS & STORAGE.

Gas storage tanks are available for outdoor & indoor use. These types of hot water systems are available in 135 litres & 170 litres. The team at APT Plumbing can repair or replace these hot water systems.

Gas instantaneous hot water systems ensure that you wont run out of hot water. APT Plumbing can install all brand instantaneous hot water systems. These systems mount onto the side of your house & heat the hot water as you need it. They come in different sizes depending on the application. APT will; advise on which system best suits you.

Our fast same day service will have your Gas hot water system working again in no time.

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Gas commercial hot water system are used for large hot water applications. For blocks of units, factories etc with a high demand of hot water. APT Plumbing can supply & install all commercial hot water systems. APT has over 25 years worth of experience in working for Strata companies, APT have installed loads of commercial hot water systems. This makes APT Plumbing the experts in commercial hot water.

See the link below to view the commercial hot water product range.


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